Open House – Alabama

Last Sunday we held our annual Open House here at Mathews Manor. We put up our very best wedding decor to show everyone just how great a wedding at our venue can be! There were table scapes ranging from Vintage and Antiques, Rustic Greenery and Cotton, even Glitz and Glam! Also, we provided some delicious samples for the brides-to-be to taste – we even introduced some new recipes! Let’s not forget about the cakes – there were also nine different cake flavors to try, and a few decorated cakes displayed proudly in Rebecca Gardens. Also present at our Open house were many of our recommended vendors such as Coats Classic Cars, Cam video, Amber Ford Photography, Vintage Auto, Act of Congress, and many more!

Here are some of the pictures taken by c2.imageworks, our in house blog photographer.

mathewsmanor-90 mathewsmanor-88 mathewsmanor-83 mathewsmanor-73 mathewsmanor-61 mathewsmanor-56 mathewsmanor-49 mathewsmanor-46 mathewsmanor-34 mathewsmanor-23 mathewsmanor-20 mathewsmanor-16 mathewsmanor-15