The Best Rustic Themed Wedding Ideas – Mathews Manor Springville Alabama

I’ve seen a few great themes during my time here at Mathews Manor. One of my favorite recurring themes is the “rustic” look. Rustic and Country decor really seems to be all the rage these days! Luckily, the internet is spilling over with pictures of weddings that have used this lovely theme. I’ve picked out some of my favorite pictures from the web to create an amazing sample wedding – to give you ideas for your own big day!

Micah's Meadows at Mathews Manor

Micah’s Meadows at Mathews Manor

The perfect area for a rustic wedding is definitely our outdoor venue, Micah’s Meadows. Your ceremony will be held underneath towering oak trees in a gorgeous meadow – the perfect “all natural” setting!

PicMonkey Collage

I love these dress designs – they would match perfectly with a rustic themed wedding! The brown color of the bridesmaid’s dress has an earthy feel, and the style is clean and airy. The bride’s dress is an absolutely amazing design – sure to make you look simply stunning with it’s vintage charm!

The Flowers

Burlap is all the rage this season! Wrap your bouquet or boutonnieres in burlap, and use bright white flowers that really pop against the green and brown. You also might opt for a twisted twine look, like the bridesmaid’s bouquet in the picture above. And don’t forget about the flower girl! Custom wooden baskets are very easy to find on etsy.

The Decor

The Decor for the rustic theme is one of the best, in my humble opinion. Burlap, Wildflowers, Lace, and Wooden elements make for a very country and natural look. I especially adore the use of sliced tree trunks! What a great way to re-use something that would otherwise be an eyesore in your yard!  Thrifty decor is always a good thing!

The Buffet

The food is essentially the most important part of any wedding reception! Guests love to chow down on delicious bites – so make sure you give them the best food around! It’s always fun to match the style of food with the type of decor – for rustic themed weddings, I think hearty robust flavors would really suit the event. BBQ Sliders, Roasted Veggies, Sweet Potato Fries, and Rustic Breads with Gourmet Cheeses are sure to delight your guests and keep them coming back for more!

The Cakes

The Cake is the centerpiece to your entire reception – so pick carefully! I personally love the messy icing look – it’s so natural and really makes you think “delicious”! Try using natural decor, like sticks, to add some personality to an otherwise plain cake. For the Grooms cake, opt for a naked look! Naked cakes are popping up everywhere now – and they look really yummy and fit perfectly with that rustic flair!

The Favors

Home-made and Rustic go hand in hand. Try giving your guests something DIY to remember your big day! Soap is a great DIY project that can be made in a large variety of scents and types. Make it yourself, or search Etsy for some gorgeous herbal soaps.

I hope our little blog has given you all the inspiration you need for your rustic themed wedding day! Send us pictures of YOUR amazing day, we would love to see what all of you beautiful brides have come up with!